As Other Mothers Do – oda_joana

Today, on this How Other Mothers Do (Cloth, that is), I´m sharing Joana´s experience. I created this series on my Instagram to show just how easy cloth can be – after all, if so many of us are doing it and willing to share our experiences, surely it´s not hard? And surely, we´re not all masochists.
And now, I´ll introduce you to Joana:

1. How did you learn about cloth nappies?
On YouTube, I´m not sure when, but it was way before I was pregnant. I saw a vlog by a mother who used them, I thought she was ahead of times and became really curious. When I fell pregnant, I decided to research into this and saw everything I needed to see on the subject to get ready!

2. Did you use since NB? If not, why?
We used since the first day we came home. We used disposables in hospital – we decided not to take cloth along because it could get more confusing but next time, the newborn nappies are coming along with us to hospital!

3. What are your favourite nappies and why?
We like fitted nappies because of how much they absorb, but our favourites are all in ones  with an extra insert or booster, they´re super absorbent and they´re the most comfortable and easiest to use! We have a few pocket nappies that we use if the Bambino Mio ones aren´t dry!

4. What is your wash routine?
Up until the baby was three months old, I have the dad to thank! I didn´t wash a single nappy, the dad did everything. He washed and dried them, he only asked for my help to stuff them. We were using pocket nappies at the time. Now, that the baby is one, we both handle the nappies. We wash them every 3 or 4 days, in the latter case we use our extra stock. The dirty nappies are stored in a bucket in V´s room, in the wetbag that comes from his daycare, or on top of the washing machine, waiting to be washed! We have a toilet shower spray that helps us remove any poo, normally we´re able to just flick it off, but any stubborn one comes out with the spray!
Once washed, the Bambino Mio nappies come out of the machine almost dry. We line dry them inside the house during this time of the year and when we forget to wash them and don´t want to use the extra stock because we simply prefer Bambino Mio, we use an electric clothes horse! We bought it ages ago to use in a house where we didn´t have the room to dry clothes and I thought I´d never use it again! Now it comes to the rescue often. You can find some similar ones at Leroy Merlin!

5. What is the greatest advantage of using cloth?
The amount of trash we don´t produce! This has always been the greatest advantage. Then we have the fact that in one year our baby has never had nappy rash and I´m certain I´m not exposing my son to chemicals in such a sensitive area.

6. What is the disadvantage/challenge?
I don´t see any disadvantage. There may be a challenge at the beginning, figuring out the system that works well and works for everyone. I advise you to not buy too large a stock of one single nappy system (I made that mistake), rather buy one of each and try them out! It´s worth it until you find the perfect system and then you can invest in a full stock!

7.What was your partner´s attitude?
He was fully on board. I explained to him that using cloth was really important for me and I wanted it to work out! I didn´t need to say anything else, he never doubted it or questioned it, he´s always helped!