One Size vs Sized Nappies

Cloth, or reusable, nappies can come in One Size, commonly referred to as Birth to Potty (BTP) or in different sizes (newborn, size 1, 2, etc. depending on the brand in question).

What are the main features and advantages and/or disadvantages of each?

The ones shown in the picture are Little Lamb pocket nappies. They don’t have the rise snaps or poppers at the front, to adjust the height, which is the system used in most BTP nappies. There are some that adjust the size using elastics that tighten the legs, much like a bra strap, but to be fair, I only know of two brands that use this, as most do use the poppers. So the fact they don’t have them is clearly a big difference.

Lack or rise poppers or snaps

These are size 1 nappies, i.e. they fit babies from 3 to 9kg, according to the brand. Size 2 will fit babies from 9 to 17 kg and size 3 from 16kg onwards, but the brand does state that most babies this size are either potty trained or being potty trained.

Label indicating the size

The major advantage I feel with these nappies is their FIT. They tend to fit better than BTP and are quite less bulky and slimmer. These have a double gusset that contains anything! They are wonderful and we are huge fans. They come with a bamboo insert you can fold in three, tripling the absorbency. I noticed that as our baby grew I had to fold it in half and boosted with either bamboo or hemp, leading to a combination that lasts us for houuuuuuurs. The elastics are gentle on the skin and the inside is in stay dry microfleece.

Double gusset

Inside the nappy and bamboo trifold insert

The disadvantage is they don’t fit from… well, birth to potty and as such are less advantageous from an economical point of view. However, they are pretty affordable, at €15 each. Plus, if you add my 10% discount code at, … well… they’re even more affordable. DICASDAFAFAECO
I must note that Baby S is way heavier than 9kg and yet he still uses his size 1 nappies, so they last longer than the brand states. I do recommend them. These will move on to the following cloth bum, his cousin Noah, offsetting part of the investment – circular love.