The benefits of dry body brushing

Dry body brushing is not novel. It’s been around for a long time and it’s easy to see why, owing to its many benefits. I’ve been doing it for quite a while, albeit intermittently, I’m afraid… sometimes I remember and am more diligent about it, generally when Summer is around the corner and our pins are on display.

But what is it? Basically, you use a brush, generally in wood or bamboo and natural bristles to brush your body towards the heart.


First off, it’s exfoliating! Instead of using scrubs that can leave your bathtub looking less than pristine (or is that just me?), simply use a brush, since the action of brushing removes dead skin cells. Exfoliated skin allows any moisturiser you use afterwards to better penetrate the skin, aiding its absorption.

This exfoliation is combined with a massage, due to the brushing action.

Owing to its detoxifying action, it can help banish dimpled skin. In other words, when we boost our lymphatic system using this, we are helping our organism get rid of toxins and this helps with cellulite. But don’t be fooled, it won’t banish orange peel skin for good. It simply helps in the process. And let’s face it, every little helps, right?

It boosts blood circulation, which in turn also helps to eliminate toxins and gives a rosier and healthier look. Blood circulation was something big for me during my pregnancy, as it caused me some issues. I felt dry body brushing helped. I just didn’t brush my belly. You can do so, but I just found it odd; so I used the brush on my legs and arms mostly.

It also helps boost the nervous system, which can perk us up in the morning!

And now, the question: why dry body brushing and not in the shower or bath? Because when you do it dry, you can exfoliate your skin without removing any of its moisture, which hot water tends to do. It also helps boost blood circulation more effectively, In fact, hot baths are not suited for anyone with blood circulation issues, as they tend to dilate the veins.

How do I dry body brush?

Do it before you hit the shower on dry skin, as the name suggests. Start at your ankles and work towards your knees in long, sweeping strokes and then from your knees to your thighs and buttocks. You don’t need to brush the same area for very long, a few sweeps will do. Adjust your pressure according to the area of your body and how sensitive your skin is.

Use the same sweeping motion from your hands to your shoulders. Use circular clockwise motions on your belly, as this may aid digestion. Your belly and chest are usually more sensitive, so avoid pressing hard on these areas. Brushes normally come with a long handle, which helps to brush your back. Here, use downwards sweeping motions.

NB: If your skin is particularly sensitive, take care not to apply too much pressure. Do not use on skin that is broken, bruised or burnt, for instance sunburnt.

Have a bath or shower and apply your favourite moisturising lotion.

It may not banish cellulite for good, as I stated at the start, but it does have loads of benefits and boosting the lymphatic system + exfoliation + the massage Effect will help, as well as giving your skin a smoother and silkier feel and look!

Happy brushing!