Hello and welcome to my blog. My “Eco Mommy” project began a few months after giving birth to my
son, concerned about the world we’re leaving behind and raising awareness to the sustainable alternatives we can find in parenting our children.
Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to create online content and now I had the right motivation and
subject on which to embark – natural parenting. The main focus, if I can sum it up, is cloth nappies and
clean beauty, with everything parenting related in between – from breastfeeding to babywearing, with a
little Baby Led Weaning thrown in the mix. I’m basically telling you the story of my motherhood through
“tips” that can help parents make eco-swaps and turn our world into a better place.
“As Dicas da Fafá” is Portuguese and translates as Fafa’s tips. Fafa is not my real name, it’s a nickname I
gave myself as a child and it kind of stuck. Little did I know it would one day become my “brand”.
My story is told through the tips I share with you, simple and useful ideas that can help parents’ lives
and choices. The name came about as a bit of a “joke” when my brother commented I should write a
book – As Dicas da Fafá. I’m not sure about the book, but I did get on Instagram that very day and
started sharing right away. The project grew and I knew I wanted a place where I could store what I
share in a systematized manner – hence this blog. This holds particularly true for cloth nappies, as there
is so much information out there, which can be overwhelming. If I break it down into clean, bite-sized
information I’ll be empowering more parents to make the switch.
I chose this picture because it sums it all up “You and me together, we could do anything”. Me and Mr B,
my husband, who bought me the pillow, you and me, Baby S, our beautiful son and you and me, my
readers and extended family, who I’m getting to know. Feel free to ask me any questions and see you