As Other Mothers Do – Catarina FPB

Another mum who uses cloth is sharing her experience on here with you. She’s the fourth mum in this series and the first one to use cloth since the baby was born (but there’ll be more to come … ;))
I began this series to show parents that cloth is actually simple! #clothmadesimple
I intend to break down walls, tear down myths, as cloth is unfortunately still viewed by many as “hard”. Here we show you that, just as with everything else in life, it has both advantages and challenges. Yet, if so many of us are doing it, surely it can’t be that difficult, right? It’s not like we’re all masochists ☺
To anyone who is still making up their mind, still sitting on the fence or to those who have decided to use cloth and want to see how other mums have gone about it… shall we meet Catarina? She is a reference in Portugal when it comes to sustainability ☺

I’ve left her answers in full

1. How did you first learn about cloth nappies?
My mother used cloth on my brothers (flats and terry cloths back then) and using cloth is something I’ve always thought I’d do, as I hear my mum say that of all her three children, I was the only one with nappy rash and she was sure it was down to me using disposables!

2. Did you use cloth since NB? If not, why?
Yes, we’ve been using cloth right since day one! To date, Gracinha has only ever used 3 disposable nappies: her first one (because in hospital they overlooked the nappy inside her bag and I gave birth in a hospital where we don’t put on the baby’s first clothes) and two others when we had to rush into A&E with her and left everything behind. We had to use what the hospital provided.

3. What are your favourite types of nappy and why?
I loved CloseParent Pop-In’s for the newborn stage. They are the only ones that are truly small enough for this stage. Now that she’s two months old, I prefer Mita nappies (two part system, Portuguese made) with a cover. I feel it’s the only way we don’t get leaks overnight. All in One’s work great for day time, but since we need to wash the whole thing, I feel it is less environmentally responsible to use this system alone. Especially since they take longer to dry, so we’re tempted to use a tumble dryer!
(For a rundown on the different systems:

4. What is your wash routine?
Every other day I put all her clothes in the washing machine, as well as some clothes of ours, including our underwear, or else we won’t fill it up. I always wash at 40º. If there’s a heavily soiled nappy, I’ll rinse it first (in this stage, poo is still hydro soluble, so the machine will take care of it). I use a neutral scented EcoX detergent that works really well and I line dry whenever I can.

5. What is for you the greatest advantage of using cloth?
Not having to run around buying nappies and being on the lookout for discounts so I won’t go bankrupt. There’s always a nappy lying around, even if we have to fold a burp cloth.

6. What is the greatest disadvantage/challenge?
Cold and damp days are tough. We’ve had to use my parents’ tumble dryer because the nappies simply refused to dry…

7. What was your partner’s attitude?
Just as everything else in life, we chose to use cloth together. João thinks they are exactly the same as disposables ad is the best person to persuade his friends that cloth really is simple!

I’m actually looking forward to hearing João’s opinion, as I love hearing what dads have to say.
And what about you? What is your experience with cloth? Do you have any queries?