As Other Mothers Do – Teresa, aka @ecoo_mommy

The next mum who’s sharing her experience with cloth has a handle that’s similar to mine You know she’d had to be featured, right?
I began this series to show parents that cloth is actually simple! #clothmadesimple
I intend to break down walls, tear down myths, as cloth is unfortunately still viewed by many as “hard”. Here we show you that, just as with everything else in life, it has both advantages and challenges. Yet, if so many of us are doing it, surely it can’t be that difficult, right? It’s not like we’re all masochists ☺
To anyone who is still making up their mind, still sitting on the fence or to those who have decided to use cloth and want to see how other mums have gone about it… shall we meet Teresa?

I’ve left her answers in full.

1. How did you first learn about cloth nappies?
I learnt cloth nappies existed on the store Ecologicalkids’ instagram account when I was already pregnant. It really piqued my interest and I decided there and then that I’d use cloth on my baby.

2. Did you use cloth since NB? If not, why?
I alternated between cloth nappies and BioBaby disposables. I was new at this and didn’t know there were cloth nappies specifically made for newborns! I thought that birth to potty ones would work right from the start and so when I found out I bought some NB nappies and alternated them (for instance, I’d use cloth at home and disposables when out and about). But as soon as the newborn size no longer fit, I stopped using disposables for good!

3. What are your favourite types of nappy and why?
My favourites are hands down the Bambino Mio All in One’s. I’ve tried the ones where you fold the insert and place it inside a wrap or cover, but the baby’s urine is always up against his skin and I don’t like it as much. All in One’s are my top ones, particularly Bambino Mio.
(For a rundown on the different systems:

4. What is your wash routine?
I have a specific bucket for my nappies, so when it’s full, every three or four days, I chuck them in the wash. I also have plenty of nappies to see me through, so I’m ok with doing this.

5. What is for you the greatest advantage of using cloth?
The greatest advantage for me is undoubtedly my baby’s health – knowing that I’m not putting any nasties against his skin, like those gels that are filled with chemicals and sap the skin’s moisture. That gives me peace of mind and the feeling I’m doing a good job as a parent, ensuring my baby’s health. Another advantage is our contribution to the planet and the values we end up passing on to our children and the people who ask us about cloth nappies.

6. What is the greatest disadvantage/challenge?
I wouldn’t say disadvantage, but drying them in the winter can be quite a challenge.

7. What was your partner’s attitude?
My husband always loved the idea and luckily didn’t put up a fight (it’s not like he’d stand a chance, anyway) and it went well with our relatives, too. Although there was some initial resistance, they saw I wouldn’t change my mind and ended up getting used to the idea.