As Other Mums Do – Espuma dos Dias

Last week I began a new series on Instagram called “As Other Mothers Do”

As other mothers do with cloth, of course. With these posts I wish to share other mums’ experience, as we are all different and stand to learn from one another. You’ll get to see mums with varying numbers of children, mums who used cloth since their babies were newborn, mums who alternated cloth with disposables. Basically, I want to break down the myths associated with cloth and show there is NO SINGLE way of using cloth, rather the way that best suits your life. Not to mention we all have our own wash routine and preferred nappies.

I ask all the mothers the same questions, write up a post on Instgram and share a photo of that mum and/or baby. I copy the full replies onto this blog when I don’t have space to do them proper justice on Insta. And believe me, they’re worth a read. Shall we get to know Patrícia, from @aespumadosdias?

  1. How did you first learn about cloth nappies?

I once saw them on a clothes line and was ecstatic to see there are modern alternatives to disposables. I knew there and then that it was what I wanted for my baby (I was only a few weeks pregnant)

  1. Did you use cloth since NB on all babies? If, not, why?

For Leonardo (my first son) I bought 10 NB nappies. I had a lot of leaks with them and didn’t really adjust. (nappy teething problems). Despite being born with 2850gr he put on a lot of weight fast and I started using Birth to Potty nappies, which worked a treat. The others were born with almost 4kg and so I used BTP straight away, although I did use disposables in the first couple of weeks, until I felt better and more adjusted to a new routine (I always had 2 kids in cloth, which meant a lot of nappies needed washing and after giving birth I could barely walk, let alone do laundry)

  1. What are your favourite types of nappy and why? 

Well, this depends on the situation at hand. I love cloth nappies and like using various types. I prefer natural fibres (cotton, bamboo or hemp) to microfibre. I stash them stuffed and ready to go OTB (on the bum).

To be out and about or when the baby is with daddy or his grandparents:

I love AIOs! They are super practical, ready to go and you can’t go wrong. I love Totsbots Easyfits and Smart Bottoms. Plus, they’re super slim and don’t give baby a massive fluff bum.

I also love AI2s, especially the ones with snap-in inserts. Although they have to be mounted, I find them very practical too (I love Closeparent Pop-ins) and in some cases if the cover isn’t soiled you can swap out the inserts and use up to three times (turns out cheaper). For this I like the Totsbots PeeNut system and GroVia wraps and soakers.

I also own a few Baba + Boo pocket nappies, which I’m very fond of, as they are highly absorbent, and 2 or 3 Piriuki nappies that I’m not so fond of because the inserts are in microfibre (these were the first I bought in 2014).

When I’m home:

Here I tend to go for wraps/covers + separate inserts. Either flats or prefolds, simply folded and tucked into the wrap or else prefolds pinned with a nippa or Disana knitted nappies.

For overnight:

Nothing beats fitteds + covers, Alexandre is a heavy wetter. I also add more absorbency at the front (as he’s a boy and generally sleeps on his tummy).I like the Totsbots bamboozles and Petit Lulu nappies, but my favourite brands are Anavy and Sloomb. I like woolies, either Responsible Mother covers or Anavy pull-ups. The Closeparent or Totsbots PeeNut wraps are a good size to fit over fitteds.

I always use reusable fleece or wool liners. And also reusable wipes!

There are a few brands I have my eye on to try… Bare and Boho, Buttons Diapers, Tickle Tots…

  1. What is your wash routine? 

When it’s time to change the nappy, I remove the inserts, secure any velcro tabs and drop in the bucket. When they have poo, I plop most of it in the toilet (sometimes I use a shower head), remove the inserts, secure any Velcro tabs and drop in the bucket. When it’s time to wash, I just shove everything in the machine, run a short (30 minutes) cold cycle, no detergent and then a long hot cycle at 40° at 800 rpm.

  1. What is for you the greatest advantage of using cloth? 

The main one is the environment, hands down. Plus, they’re much better for babies’ health (disposables are filled with nasty chemicals), they are cheaper and we never run out. (there’s always a wrap lying around and you can use a face towel as an insert).

  1. What is the greatest disadvantage/challenge?

Frankly, I don’t know. I don’t see any disadvantage or find it challenging. Perhaps at the start all the terms and acronyms may seem a bit overwhelming but we can quickly learn them.

  1. What was your partner’s attitude? 

He’s so used to it by now, we’ve been using cloth for 5 odd years. His favourite nappies are Totsbots and Closeparent Pop Ins because of the Velcro fastenings. And as he’s usually the one who takes out the garbage, you can imagine he’s super fond of cloth nappies.

In addition to all the advantages, they are simply stunning.