Pocket Nappies

Pocket nappies are probably the best-known type of cloth nappy. They have a “pocket” (yes, I know…) that opens either at the front or back of the inside of the nappy, where you place your insert(s). The inside is generally in a stay-dry material, such as microfleece, which wicks the wetness away from the baby’s bottom. There are also nappies whose inside is in natural fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo; what these lose in terms of stay-dry effect they gain in placing only natural contacts in touch with your baby’s sensitive skin.

Pocket nappies can come in different sizes (fitting a baby within a certain weight range) and as a one-size option. The latter are more profitable investment-wise and can be adjusted through rise snaps or poppers. As a rule of thumb, they adjust with poppers on the waist also, but some brands do offer pocket nappies with a Velcro fastening. Inserts and boosters come in all sorts of fabric, ranging from microfibre to hemp, with charcoal, cotton and bamboo thrown in the mix. Their capacity for absorption varies, which I will address in more detail further down the line, as well as offer you the best combinations.

Pocket nappies are usually given as a day-time solution, but this can be misleading as with the right combination of inserts they can be used to cloth overnight, thereby avoiding the need to buy different types of nappies for different times of the day.

How do I use pocket nappies?

Well, it’s as simple as this:

The major advantage of pocket nappies is that since the inserts go inside the pocket, and are therefore removed for washing, they take less time to dry. Covers dry faster, so simply use other inserts (it’s always a good idea to have extras, especially to mix and match) and so the nappy is ready to go on the bum a lot quicker. This is particularly handy in winter. Plus, inserts can be tumble dried, as long as you use the lowest heat setting in order to prevent wear and tear. (just like with any other garment, really). Tumble drying also makes them softer! Bonus!

Pocket nappies can be adjusted to the absorbency you require given your baby – the same nappy can be used at different times throughout the day and/or nighttime!

Their disadvantage? They need to be stuffed and you have to figure out which inserts are better for your baby.

All in all, this is a great choice and one of my top picks. If you’re looking for an affordable pocket nappy that works brilliantly, may I suggest Baba and Boo or Ecopipo? If you’re looking for a natural fabric on the inside, then Wink Diapers is my top choice.