Review Natural Bio Deodorant

So Sensitive and Vegan

I’ve been on the search for a natural deodorant that works for quite a few years now. Believe you me, this has not been an easy task! Most of the ones I tried, simply didn’t work. Let’s just say that the smell they left behind was… natural.

I started this search when I became aware of the amount of chemicals, some of them toxic, that we were putting in our bodies without realising it. Our armpits are a very sensitive area and around 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed, so I am always careful when I buy products, making sure I can find the most natural alternatives.

And thus I came across deodorants in a tube. The first brand I enjoyed was Ben and Anna, but a few people told me it hadn’t worked for them so I continued my search. I bought a We Love the Planet deodorant at a Fluffy Organic and Eco stand, the pink tube and I have not looked back since (I’ve included kinks to the products at the end of this text).

I loved everything – the scent (the closest description I can find is “cotton” washed with rose water. Those that make sense?). It’s very subtle. Above all, I loved the way it performed. I had a little bit of a bump on the road – a part of the deodorant came apart but I warmed it up gently with my hands and just put it back in the tube. Problem solved! It’s something that can happen with this type of packaging – certified and recycled paper, of course! The deodorant is pushed up with your fingers at the bottom of the tube. Towards the end, for those with smaller fingers like I, you can use something to help you push it up – I usually pick up my toothbrush for this.

What sets these deodorants apart?

We Love the Planet is a Dutch company that manufactures its deodorants in an artisanal way using 100% natural ingredients. They do not contain any synthetic substance or aluminium in its formulation, and so they are safe to use. Furthermore, they have the Natural Cosmetics Standard (NSC) accreditation, attesting to the use of natural ingredients only. Plus, they have EcoControl certificaiton, which means that the main ingredient – coconut oil – is of organic production. I also found out that the equipment used to manufacture the products runs on solar power!

Of course, when Fluffy Organic and Eco asked me to test out the deodorant in So Sensitive and the vegan version, I jumped at the idea!

I first tested So Sensitive. Then, I alternated it with the Vegan version, in a can. So Sensitive was created with the most sensitive skins in mind, those who are intolerant to sodium bicarbonate. It is hypoallergenic and the scent is delicate – talcum powder comes to mind. It is super creamy and I was taken by the texture at first swipe. What makes these deodorants so creamy is bees’ wax, which is why the brand decided to come up with a vegan, bees’ wax free version.

It is pleasant to put on, the tube makes it easy and here I’d just like to point out I prefer the tubes to the cans. However, the brand will be launching their vegan version in a tube soon.

How did it do? Wonderfully well! I felt the pink one was slightly more effective than its sensitive counterpart, but just a tad. Perhaps this was due to the sodium bicarbonate, which neutralizes odours. However, as sodium bicarbonate is more alkaline than our skin, it can cause a rash in more sensitive skins. I tested the product throughout the day, a full day, in gym classes and even on my 10k trail! It always did well, even if after the trail my polyester t-shirt smelled of sweat, but my armpits didn’t! This is a product I would recommend!

Deodorant tube in So Sensitive

And now let’s talk about the vegan version. As I said, a product in a can isn’t my first choice as it implies getting your hands dirty when picking up the product to put it on your skin, not to mention this isn’t very hygienic, as if your hands aren’t washed, they could leave bacteria behind and compromise the product. I felt the texture was slightly grainer than the version with the bees’ wax. This might be offset when it comes in a tube. The scent Luscious Lime is to die for! It lasts on the skin and I loved it. It also lasted all day long, I just haven’t (yet) tested it in a trail. Perhaps next time.

Vegan deodorant in a can

We have two natural deodorants here that work well. If I had to choose one, it would be So Sensitive because of the texture and the tube applicator.

Pink Deodorant (Sweet Serenity):

So Sensitive Deodorant:

Vegan Luscious Lime Deodorant: